Urethral Plugs


Black Snake Teflon Urethral Wand
AD629 Teflon Urethral Wand
Brass Snake Cock Plug
JS320 Brass Snake Cock Plug
D'Primer Penis Plug
AC514 D Primer Penis Plug
Excrucio Ringed Cum-Thru Urethral Plug
AD126 Excrucio Urethral Plug
Flexible Penis Plug


AA851 Flexible Penis Plug
Gates of Hell CBT Plug
AA397 Gates of Hell CBT Plug
Inertia Flexible Cum Thru Penis Plug
AD127 Inertia Cum Thru Plug
InSerpent Penis Plug with Hose
AC460 InSerpent Plug with Hose
Lacuna Penis Jewel
VF378 Lacuna Penis Jewel
Libertine Faucet Plug
AC457 Libertine Faucet Plug
Locking Deep Throat Prince Albert Wand
AC117 Locking Prince Albert Wand
Mortal Coil Sound
AC458 Mortal Coil Sound
Pierceless Prince's Wand
RO101 Pierceless Princes Wand
Pressure Point Beaded Glans Ring


 Sold Out 
AE460 Beaded Glans Ring